What is a reservation guarantee?

The reservation guarantee is a fee we collect to ensure the arrival of our guest(s) traveling on our promotional package. It guarantees the guest that the room will be available upon arrival and that they will not incur no additional charges for promotional package besides any taxes and surcharges.

What is my Cancellation Period?

7 Days from Date of Purchase.

How many people may travel on the promotional package?

Most of our packages come with either a standard or premium room which can accommodate 2 – 4 guests. If you are traveling with more than 4 guests, you may need to upgrade to larger accommodations or book an additional room. Please check the confirmation information for more details or contact Customer Service.

Why don’t you confirm where I will be staying until I receive my confirmation letter?

TripPros works with multiple partner properties at each destination in order to provide all guests with the best availability options when it comes to booking their travel dates. Some Peak season dates do fill up quickly, so we encourage you to book your preferred dates as early as possible. Most likely, when you purchased your promotional package, you paid for a specific type of accommodation (hotel, suite, 1 or 2 bedroom condo). Once you have booked your travel dates you will receive your travel confirmation and that will provide you all the information you need including accommodation info. Upgrades, are usually available if interested by calling our Reservations Team.

How many days notice is necessary to book my reservation?

We ask that you call to book your reservation as early as possible. This will provide you with best chances for availability during your requested dates. The preferred, suggested timeframe, would ideally be 60-90 days in advance. If you plan on coming during peak travel dates it is recommended that you book even earlier. This includes holidays, spring break, summer or during major events.

Can I book my dates with less than the preferred amount of days?

The short answer is yes. All guests have the ability to request reservations whenever they like, and that includes under the preferred 30 to 45 days. However, please keep in mind that no dates are guaranteed and all reservations are based on availability. That means first come first serve.

Are there any blackout dates or dates I may not book?

Not typically. Most do not feature any blackout dates. However, remember all reservations are based on availability. The most popular dates will book quickly, so we request that you book as early as possible. Please check your confirmation information for exact details. If there is any blackout dates associated with your package, it should state them on your letter.

Are there any penalty fees if I need to cancel my reservation or change my dates?

Our guests may cancel their reservation for all U.S. destinations, one time, at no cost if changes are made at least 7 days in advance from arrival date. All non-U.S. locations need a minimum of 15 days to avoid penalties. If additional cancellations or date changes are needed, you may incur a small fee.